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New Executive Doctor of Education Degree (Ed.D.) in Professional Leadership with an Emphasis in Health Science Education

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Certificate FAQ

Q. How many courses do I take for the certificate?
A. Students take a total of four courses (12 semester hours) which provide experiences in a variety of software applications and involve them in studying how educational technologies can support instructional strategies. Students learn techniques of project management and collaboration and the design of technology-based instructional resources. Students complete a capstone project at the end of the certificate program.

Q. Do I have to be a UH student or can I apply for a certificate directly?
A. You do not need to be a current UH student to enroll in a Certificate program. However, you will need to apply for graduate study at UH and be admitted into a Certificate program before you can enroll in courses.

Q.  What are the admission requirements?
A. The requirements are:

1) completion of an undergraduate degree at an accredited college or university;
2) college transcripts with an undergraduate GPA reflecting the ability to achieve a 3.0 average in graduate courses;
3) a statement from the applicant explaining why the Certificate program is appropriate; and
4) a resume/CV showing work experience and career goals that indicate the appropriateness of this Certificate.

Q. Do I need to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE)?
A. No, the Graduate Record Exam is not required for the certificate program, but the GRE is required for an application to a graduate program in the College of Education.

Q.: Are there special admissions requirements for international applicants?
All applicants who did not graduate from native English-speaking countries are required to provide adequate proof of their English proficiency before receiving admission to the University of Houston. A satisfactory score of 550 on the TOEFL paper based exam or 213 for the computer-based exam or 79 on the Internet-based TOEFL (iBT) is generally acceptable proof of English proficiency. 

The minimum required IELTS score for admissions is 6.5 on a scale from 1 to 9. Applicants are expected to complete the Test of Written English portion of the TOEFL whenever it is included as part of the exam. Scores must not be more than two years old. Scores should be sent directly to the university from the testing center and photocopies or other duplication of scores are not acceptable. When sending scores, be sure to include the University of Houston's ETS School Code, which is 6870.

You are exempt from the TOEFL/IELTS requirement if you:

  • Have earned a high school diploma or bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited U.S. high school, college or university.
  • Speak English as your native language. This exemption refers to students from Australia, the Bahamas, and Belize, the British Isles, and English-speaking Canadian provinces, the Fiji Islands, Guyana, Jamaica, Liberia, New Zealand, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Trinidad, the United States, the Virgin Islands, the West Indies and Zimbabwe.

Q. Can undergraduate students apply for this Certificate?
A. No, only students who have earned a college degree ( for example: B.S., B.A., B.F.A) may apply for these certificates.

Q. How do I apply?
A. Click on the following link for the specific steps in applying to be a Certificate student

Q. How much does it cost to apply?
A. There is no application fee at this time for certificate program applicants.

Q. What do I receive when I complete the certificate program?
A. A student who completes all of the requirements for the Certificate program will receive an actual paper certificate, and the certificate will be shown on their University of Houston transcript.

Q. What are the deadlines for applications?
The deadlines for Certificate application (all of the components noted above including transcripts must be received by this date) are:

  • For fall admission: July 1
  • For spring admission: November 1
  • For summer admission: April 1

Q. How much does the program cost?
Certificate students are enrolled in University of Houston graduate courses, receive graduate credit for courses that are completed and pay regular UH College of Education graduate tuition and fees. It is difficult to determine exactly how much it will cost to complete the Certificate program since costs vary based on current tuition rates, course fees, additional university fees, and residence status. However, for the 2017 academic year, the approximate cost for each course will be between approximately $1630 and $1740 for Texas residents who enroll in one course and between approximately $1400 and $1512 per course for Texas residents who enroll in two courses in the same semester. Costs for out of state and international students are higher than for Texas residents.

More information about UH tuition and fees may be found online at:

Q: How do I get an advisor?
A: Upon acceptance into a Certificate program, students will be assigned a faculty advisor. After meeting with their advisor, students may then enroll in classes.

Q: How long does it take to complete the Certificate program?
A: The time required for completion of the Certificate is based on the number of courses offered and how many courses a student is able to complete each semester; the average duration of study is one year.

Q. When are courses offered and are any courses offered online?
One or two Certificate courses are offered each fall, spring and summer semester. Beginning in 2013, all of the courses for this certificate program are offered totally online, with no face-to-face classes required.

Also, a few Certificate courses are offered as a "linked" pair. Linked courses are where two graduate courses are taught collaboratively by two different instructors who work together so that the content of one course complements the content of the other course. When linked courses are offered, students are required to enroll in both courses and will earn 6 hours of credit for the two courses. Assignments and final semester projects for the two courses are linked so the work that is done for one course is connected to the work that is done for the other course. Linked pairs of courses are also offered online.

Q. Is there a minimum grade I have to earn in course in order for it to count towards a certificate?
Yes, you must earn a grade of B- or higher in order for the course to count towards one of the certificates.

Q: Can these courses count as credit toward a graduate degree?
A: All four of the courses taken (12 hours) can be used towards a Master's of Education Degree with an Emphasis in the Health Sciences, that the University of Houston offers in the Texas Medical Center.

Q. Does earning a certificate help me in applying to a graduate program?
A. Completion of a certificate program does not guarantee acceptance to a graduate program, but successful completion of the certificate as well as student work could be used as a factor in admissions consideration.

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