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About the Master's Program

The University of Houston offers an online Master's of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction which emphasizes teaching and learning for health science professionals. Courses are taught by University of Houston College of Education faculty and the degree is awarded by the University of Houston.

The program is designed to meet the needs of professionals involved in health science education and course content focuses on teaching and learning in academic health science settings. The instructors utilize academic activities that students can use in their professional lives as they explore best practices in teaching, learn to design and conduct research and investigate the uses of instructional technology in an educational environment.

Online Only Program
As of 2014, all courses in the Master's degree program are only offered online and no face-to-face classes are currently being scheduled.

Who Can Apply for the Master's Program?
This program, which began in 2003, is open to all students who have earned a bachelor's degree or higher, and meet the admission requirements for the College of Education graduate study as specified in the UH Department of Curriculum and Instruction Program Guide for Master’s Degree Students, online at:

The master's program is primarily aimed at healthcare professionals who are currently working or studying at a healthcare institution in the Texas Medical Center or the Houston area. In addition to medical, dental and nursing faculty and staff who would like to become better teachers, this program may be especially beneficial for researchers, program coordinators, residents or fellows, or others interested in careers in academic medicine.

Courses are offered through the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the University of Houston’s College of Education and is normally completed in two years, but students may take up to five years to complete the coursework. The University of Houston requires that master’s applicants take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE); however, this requirement is waived for students who have already earned a doctoral degree (such as MD, DDS, JD, PhD, EdD).

Master's Degree Requirements Include Courses and a Capstone Project
Click here for more information about master's degree requirements.

When and Where are Courses Held? 
As noted above, all master's courses are now only offered online. However, some instructors may scheudle optional face-to-face classes held in the Texas Medical Center.

How Long Does it Normally Take to Complete the Master's Program?
Students must complete 10 courses (30 semester hours) and a capstone project to earn a Master’s degree, and the program has been structured so that it can be completed it in under two years. Most students will take two courses per semester for five semesters, as shown below:

Year One Year Two
2 courses in the Fall 2 courses in the Fall
2 courses in the Spring 2 courses in the Spring
2 courses in the Summer  

In addition to the 30 semester credit hours (10 courses) of coursework, a capstone project is required. Some students may also take 30 semester credit hours of coursework (10 courses) and complete a Master's Thesis, with two additional sections of required Master’s thesis hours, for a total of 12 courses, or 36 semester credit hours.

The University of Houston has a five-year time limit for Master's degree programs. Students who are admitted into the Master's program must complete all requirements within five years of the date of admission.

What is the Estimated Cost of the Program?
Certificate students are enrolled in University of Houston graduate courses, receive graduate credit for courses that are completed and pay regular UH College of Education graduate tuition and fees. It is difficult to determine exactly how much it will cost to complete the Certificate program since costs vary based on current tuition rates, course fees, additional university fees, and residence status. However, for the 2017 academic year, the approximate cost for each course will be between approximately $1630 and $1740 for Texas residents who enroll in one course and between approximately $1400 and $1512 per course for Texas residents who enroll in two courses in the same semester. Costs for out of state and international students are higher than for Texas residents.

For more information about costs for tuition and fees, you may visit the University of Houston website’s Tuition & Feees page, at:

Additional Information about the Program
A brief article about the program from December 2007 is available online:

Teaching Doctors to be Teachers Focus of Special UH Master’s Program

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