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Information for Applicants

The University of Houston offers an all online Master's of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Curriculum and Instruction that focuses on Teaching and Learning for Health Sciences Education and a 4 course online Certificate Program in Integrating Innovative Technologies in Health Science Education. Courses are taught by full-time UH faculty from the College of Education and all classes for the master's and certificate programs must be completed online.

In 2013, we began offering a mostly face-to-face 51-credit-hour Executive Doctor of Education degree in Professional Leadership that can be completed in approximately three years. More details about the executive doctorate may be found at:

Students must complete a minimum of 10 courses (30 semester hours) to earn a master’s degree, and the program can usually be completed in two years by enrolling in the two courses we offer at the Medical Center each fall, spring and summer semesters. So, most students take two courses per semester for six semesters in a row to complete the course requirements in two years.

In addition to the required 30 semester credit hours of coursework, a capstone project is required. Students who are interested in completing a master's thesis while earning the degree may choose to complete the 10 master's courses and enroll in two additional master's thesis courses while they complete the master's thesis.

Online Only Program
All of the courses in the master's program are only offered online and no face-to-face classes are required. However, some instructors may include optional face-to-face class meetings and students who live in the Houston area are encouraged to attend those classes when they were held.


Spring semester courses typically begin in early to mid January and end in early May.

Summer semester courses typically begin around the first of June and end in late July or early August.

Fall semester courses typically begin around the end of August and end in early December.

A complete list of courses that we offer in the program each semester may be found at:


Step 1: Complete a graduate application for admissions. Admissions applications must be submitted online through the UH Graduate School menu, at:

Step 2: Review the information about official documents and supplemental documents.

Step 3: Submit required documents online.

For additional information, please contact:

University of Houston College of Education Office of Graduate Studies
256 Farish Hall
Phone: 713-743-7676

Graduate Record Exam (GRE)

GRE Information for Master's Degree Applicants
Applicants to the master’s program may be required to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) within the last five years in order to be admitted. However, the GRE requirement may be waived for applicants to the Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction degree program who have earned an overall undergraduate grade point average of 3.00 or higher (on a 4-point scale). More information about the GRE waiver may be found here:

GRE Information for Executive Doctoral Degree Applicants
Applicants for doctoral programs must take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) within five years of the application date.

Note: Applicants to a graduate program who hold a terminal doctoral degree, including MD, JD, or PhD, from this or any other regionally-accredited domestic institution are not required to submit GRE/GMAT results as a part of an application packet to the University of Houston, though individual programs may still choose to require them.

Applicants holding a terminal doctoral degree earned outside of the United States are subject to review by the University of Houston Graduate School before a waiver of the GRE/GMAT will be granted. The Graduate School must certify whether a doctoral degree earned outside the United States meets them same academic standards as a domestic MD, JD, or PhD.

More Information About GRE Testing
The GRE is offered as a computer-based exam throughout the year at the University of Houston Testing Center on the main campus of the University of Houston. 

Call (713) 743-5386 Monday through Friday to register for the exam at the University of Houston. 

More information about registering for the GRE may be found online at:
GRE-Computer Based

The exam is scored by the Educational Testing Service. Scores are forwarded to the University of Houston from ETS approximately ten days after the examination. More information on on the GRE can be found at the ETS website at: 

Free GRE General Test Preparation Materials are available online from ETS:

Online Guide to Taking the GRE:

A limited number of transfer hours may be used in the Master's and Executive Doctoral Program. Decisions about the use of transfer hours are made after a student has been admitted to a degree program. Once a student is admitted, they will meet with their faculty advisor to determine which courses previously taken may be transferred.

The University of Houston does not accept experiential learning for graduate or professional transfer credit. In addition, the University of Houston does not accept non-credit work for transfer credit.

Applicants who have earned degrees from colleges and universities outside of the United States may need to apply as International Students and more information about International Admissions may be found online at:

The certificate program consists of 4 courses (12 semester credit hours of coursework) and is designed to provide health care professionals with expertise that will aid them as educators facilitating student learning and as managers of education programs, including curriculum leadership and scholarly inquiry into teaching and learning. The four courses students complete in this certificate provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to create effective, educationally-sound, online learning environments for use in training environments and professional development for adult learners. All four of the courses taken in the Certificate program can be used towards the master’s degree, once a student has applied and been admitted to the Master's of Education degree program in Curriculum and Instruction. Completion of the Certificate program does not guarantee acceptance to any other graduate program, but successful completion of the Certificate as well as student work may be used as a factor in admissions consideration.

The application deadlines process for admission to the Certificate program is the similar to applying to the master’s program. More information may be found online at:


The estimated costs for the Master's and Executive Doctorate programs may be found at:

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